Barış Atalay

Baris entered the profession in 2003. He founded Stan Advoka in 2013. Alfa Patent and Stan Advoka merged in 2018. Baris became Turkish Patent Agent in 2003 and European Patent Attorney in 2011. He is one of the first persons as a qualified EPA from Turkey after accession of the country to the EPC.

Baris holds a BSci degree in electrical engineering from Technical University of Istanbul and an MA degree in European Studies of Science, Technology and Society from Maastricht University. He obtained the Certificate in “Patent Litigation in Europe” from CEIPI, Strasbourg University and is a registered representative before the Unified Patent Court. He was graduated from Galatasaray High School.

His professional roles include:

  • Chair of the Tutors and Coaches Subcommittee in the epi Professional Education Committee (2023-…)
  • Ongoing member of epi Council (2014-…),
  • Ongoing member of the epi Professional Education Committee (2017-…)
  • Ongoing member of AIPPI (2011-…),
  • Ongoing member of FICPI (2011-…),
  • Ongoing member of AIPPI Turkey Board (2017-…),
  • Ongoing member of EPLIT (2018-…),
  • Currently registered as court expert in Specialized IP Courts of Istanbul,
  • Former member of AIPPI Program Committee (2014-2018).

His academic responsibilities include:

  • Ongoing epi tutor,
  • Lecturing in epi 8-week workshops for EQE Paper C, 2021-2022, 2022-2023,
  • Ongoing CEIPI tutor,
  • Lecturer on IP Law in Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Bahcesehir University, Istanbul.

Baris has authored the following books in Turkish language:

  • “Essential Guidelines for Patent Attorneys”, Legal Publication, October 2013,
  • “Introduction to Patent Law”, Legal Publication, November 2014 and,
  • “Claim Drafting Techniques”, Legal Publication, March 2017

He has authored the patent part of the following book:

  • “Questions & Answers: Preparation for Turkish Patent Attorneys Examination”, Aristo Publication, September 2019

He is fluent in English, French and also speaks intermediate German.

Barış has developed “PCT Fit for Practice” iOS app available for mobile download on this link.

His notable cases:
He is mainly involved in drafting for international teams of researchers in Turkish universities in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, software engineering and optics. He has extensive experience in the field of electrical household appliances and litigation cases in electronics and software engineering.

He has provided EQE tutoring to many candidates during recent years for the pre-exam and main papers. He is lecturing in epi Paper C workshops since 2021.

Barış has authored a science-fiction book titled “God of Robots” published in December 2022.