Reliability and Consistency but also staying up to date.

We believe quality means

General Information

We believe quality means Reliability and Consistency but also staying up to date.

ALFA PATENT STAN ADVOKA represents and advises Turkish and international clients in all fields of IP protection. Alfa Patent specialized in obtaining, maintaining and enforcing patents, trademarks and registered designs since 1997 and Stan Advoka very active in the patent field since 2014 joined their forces by merging in 2018.

We have clients counting on our services since the first days of Alfa Patent. We have steadily grown over the years making us one of the notable IP firms in Turkey with a number of IP professionals having technical backgrounds and members of epi, FICPI, AIPPI, VPP and EPLIT.

Merging of Alfa Patent and Stan Advoka allowed the firm to offer comprehensive patent consulting services in almost all technical fields. The life sciences, chemistry and biotechnology group is managed by Ms. Selda Arkan, the first ever European patent attorney in Turkey qualified in 1997. The electrical engineering, electronics and computer-implemented inventions group is managed by Mr. Baris Atalay, the next qualified European patent attorney in Turkey (2011).

Our partners and IP attorneys regularly travel to visit their clients. We are aware of risks and prospects of IP. We do not lose sight of business considerations. We have a keen eye on which part of the invention makes financial sense.

ALFA PATENT STAN ADVOKA communicates in all three official languages of the European Patent Office. Although we do most frequently file patent applications in English, we are competent in prosecuting patent applications in French and German as well.

ALFA PATENT STAN ADVOKA is not only involved in prosecution; we cooperate with a case-specific selection of litigation professionals in Turkey depending on the mother language/country of the claimant/defendant to defend your Intellectual Property in court.

In addition to the commitment of each individual IP professional within the firm, our commitment also applies to our support staff. We have both digital and physical archives. The storage area where our files are stored in the archive room is fire-resistant to protect our records in the unfortunate occurrence of a fire in the office.