Prosecution Of National Applications In Turkey

  • Application stage and formal examination,
  • Filing of search request (can be alternatively filed at the date of filing),
  • Examination (up to three separate amendments/argumentation),
  • 3rd Party Observations (if any),
  • Post-grant opposition (valid for application filed on or after 10/01/2017 under the new legislation).
  • Patent law allows only three separate examination stage amendments/argumentation,
  • Unexamined patent system is abolished as of 10/01/2017,
  • No claim fee is applicable for the time being,
  • Date of filing can be accorded if the application is filed in one of the official languages of the EPO,
  • Renewal fees incur starting from the third patent year irrespective of the pending or granted status,
  • A renewal fee is due on the same day of the month containing the anniversary of the date of filing.
  • The surcharge period for renewal fees is six months. All due care needs to be evidenced In case the time limit for the additional six months period is not observed (Reestablishment of rights),
  • An opposition procedure before the local authorty is possible as of 10/01/2017 after the grant of the patent,
  • Third party observations are included in the application file with no binding effect during ex-parte proceedings.