Basic Concepts Under The Pct

  • A PCT application designates 152 contracting states (as of September 2019) to which the applicant has the liberty to file a national phase application. A PCT application allows multiple non-simultaneous national entries. The applicant can choose where to file a national phase application as well as when to file it.
  • The international phase can be extended to up 30 months or 33 months as in the case of Turkey.
  • The applicant can file a demand accompanied with amendments under Article 34 PCT to amend his application before the end of the international phase,
  • It is also possible to file PCT Article 19 amendments before the International Bureau.
  • No renewal fees are to be paid during the international phase, but such fees are levied by national/regional authorities and payable upon entry into national/regional phases as calculated from the international filing date.