Privacy Policy


Personal Information is data which relate to a specific identifiable person.
Non-personal Information is data which does not relate to a specific person.

Patent Sync AI app

Patent Sync AI app utilizes the services provided by third-party AI platforms, including the OpenAI API, to enhance its functionality and provide advanced features. Third-Party AI Services: Certain features and capabilities of this app are powered by third-party AI services. These services involve the use of machine learning models to analyze, generate, and process text-based content. The app’s functionality may include natural language understanding, language generation, and other text-related tasks enabled by these AI models. Data Usage: When utilizing third-party AI services, the text data you provide may be sent to the external service provider for analysis and processing. This may include data that you input or upload within the app. It’s important to note that the data shared with these services is subject to their respective privacy policies and terms of use. Confidentiality: While every effort is made to maintain the confidentiality of user data, please be aware that the processing of data by third-party AI services may involve sharing the content with external servers. Although measures are taken to ensure data security, it’s recommended that you avoid sharing sensitive, personal, or confidential information through the app’s text-based features. User Consent: By using the app and its AI-powered features, you consent to the processing of text data by third-party AI services as described in this disclaimer. It’s advisable to review the privacy policies and terms of use of any third-party service provider to understand their practices and how they handle data. Responsibility: The app developers are committed to providing a secure and transparent experience. However, they cannot guarantee the actions or practices of third-party AI service providers. Please use the app’s AI-powered features responsibly and exercise caution when sharing content that you consider sensitive or confidential. Your use of the app’s features signifies your acceptance of the terms outlined in this disclaimer.

Additionally, at Patent Sync AI app, we utilize Core Data as a mechanism to store and manage individual users’ word usage. We value your privacy and believe in transparent communication regarding our data collection practices.

When you interact with our app, we may collect certain information related to your word usage. This could include user-generated content or usage data, which aids us in enhancing the functionality and user experience of the app, as well as gaining valuable analytical insights to improve our services.

The data we collect is kept strictly confidential and is used solely for app-related purposes. It is not linked to your personal identity or your device in a way that would allow us to identify you personally. We do not engage in tracking your activities across other apps or websites using the collected data. The collected data only concerns number of words a user inputs in the respective text fields. No other data, such as content of user input is monitored or stored.

We understand the importance of privacy in today’s digital world, and we are committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of your information.

SMK 6769 and Fit for Practice apps

SMK 6769 and Fit for Practice apps do not collect any data from app users. SMK 6769 and Fit for Practice apps do not track app users or collects any personal information. SMK 6769 and Fit for Practice apps do not share any information with third parties and respect app users’ privacy. SMK 6769 and Fit for Practice apps are committed to protect app users’ privacy.

No personal data is collected in SMK 6769 or Fit for Practice apps. The reason why there is no data exchange between app and user in SMK 6769 or Fit for Practice app is because the apps do not require any personal information from users to function properly. Therefore, there is no need for data exchange between the apps and user.

Questions are taken from a pool of questions in a random manner and the manner the questions are selected is not affected by the answers of the user. The result of a user’s previous test is not used to influence the preparation of questions for a subsequent test.