Privacy Policy


Personal Information is data which relate to a specific identifiable person.
Non-personal Information is data which does not relate to a specific person.

Fit for Practice app

Fit for Practice app does not collect any data from app users. Fit for Practice app does not track app users or collects any personal information. Fit for Practice app does not share any information with third parties and respect app users’ privacy. Fit for Practice app is committed to protect app users’ privacy.

No personal data is collected in Fit for Practice app. The reason why there is no data exchange between app and user in Fit for Practice app is because the app does not require any personal information from the user to function properly. Therefore, there is no need for data exchange between the app and user.

Questions are taken from a pool of questions in a random manner and the manner the questions are selected is not affected by the answers of the user. The result of a user’s previous test is not used to influence the preparation of questions for a subsequent test.