Barış ATALAY epi eğitmeni olarak görev yapmakta olup kendisiyle epi üzerinden tutor olarak temas kurulabilir. EQE eğitiminde faydalanılabilecek kaynaklar aşağıda sunulmaktadır.

EPO'nun EQE Hazırlık broşüründe aşağıdaki kaynaklara atıf yapılmaktadır.



  • How to apply for a European patent – A step-by-step guide to the grant procedure, EPO (
  • How to get a European patent, EPO e-learning modüle (
  • Guide for Applicants, Part I – How to get a European patent, EPO (


  • Guide for Applicants, Part II – Euro-PCT – How to get a European patent, EPO (
  • PCT Applicant’s Guide and other reference materials ( In particular, the annexes relating to the EPO are important: general information, receiving Office, ISA, SISA, and IPEA. If, in a question in the EQE, the EPO is acting as International Authority under the PCT, you must always cite the relevant legal provisions in the PCT and EPC.



  • Regulation on the European qualifying examination for professional representatives (Supplementary publication 2, Official Journal EPO 2014) (


  • European Patent Convention ( and amendments to it (
  • Ancillary Regulations to the EPC, Special edition 1, OJ EPO 2010 (
  • Official Journal of the EPO (OJ), monthly periodical (online) (, including supplements and special editions
  • Guidelines for Examination in the European Patent Office (
  • Rules relating to Fees (
  • Forms used by parties and by the EPO (
  • Case Law of the Boards of Appeal (
  • List of G decisions (
  • National law relating to the EPC (
  • Agreement on the application of Article 65 EPC – London Agreement (


  • Patent Cooperation Treaty and Regulations under the PCT (



  • D. Visser, “The annotated European Patent Convention”, H. Tel (updated every year) (
  • Singer/Stauder, “Europäisches Patentübereinkommen – Kommentar”, Heymanns
  • A. Veronese, P. Watchorn, “Procedural law under the EPC 2000”, Kastner (
  • J. Hoekstra, “References to the EPC” (updated every year) (
  • H. Kley, H. Gundlach, C. Jacobi, “Kommentar zum EPÜ 2000”, mfh verlag (updated twice a year)
  • (
  • G. Baque, “CBE – PCT”, Lavoisier s.a.s. 
  • S. Speich, “EPC 2000 Guide”, electronic updates (MS Word and PDF) in June and December each year (contact the author at
  • epi Information (
  • EQE Compendium, EPO (


  • M. Köllner, “PCT Handbuch”, Heymanns – C.A.M. Mulder, “The Cross-Referenced Patent Cooperation Treaty”, Helze (updated every year) (
  • O. Trinks, “PCT in der Praxis”, Heymanns
  • A. Veronese, P. Watchorn, “PCT Procedures and Passage into the European Phase”, Kastner (


  • S. Roberts and A. Rudge, “A Complete Guide to Passing the European Qualifying Exam and Qualifying as a European Patent Attorney”, Sweet & Maxwell,
  • S. Exner, “DII-Book – Sachverhalte analysieren und Rechte bewerten – Erfolg im DII-Teil der Europäischen Eignungsprüfung”, Heymanns
  • DeltaPatents, “Methodology Paper A Electricity-Mechanics/Paper A Chemistry/Paper B Electricity-Mechanics/ Paper B Chemistry/Paper C” (
  • DeltaPatents: “Pre-Exam Questions and Cases” (
  • B. Cronin, “ABC/D Comprehensive – A comprehensive analysis of the EQE for candidates preparing for the exam” (Patskills,
  • W. E. Chandler and H. Meinders, “C-Book – How to write a successful opposition and pass paper C of the EQE”, Heymanns
  • A. Rudge, “D-Book – How to answer legal questions, draft legal opinions and pass Paper D of the European Qualifying Examination”, Heymanns
  • G. Weiss and W. Ungler, “Die europäische Patentanmeldung und der PCT in Frage und Antwort”, Heymanns 



  • Association Française des Spécialistes en Propriété Industrielle de l’Industrie (
  • CEIPI – International Section (
  • Centre de Patents de la Universitat de Barcelona (
  • Patskills (B. Cronin): Training for qualification as European Patent Attorney (
  • DeltaPatents ( 
  • epi tutorials (
  • Maastricht University (C. Mulder and N. Blokhuis) (
  • EQE pre-examination online training course of the European Patent Academy (
  • EQE Forum of the European Patent Academy (
  • eqe-online: Questions on the calculation of time limits (
  • eqe-online: Mock pre-examination 1 (
  • pre-exam/quiz-1.html)
  • eqe-online: Mock pre-examination 2 (
  • pre-exam/quiz-2.html)
  • eqe-online: Paper DII training (
  • e-learning at the EPO (
  • Focussing(TM) – Methode für den C-Teil der
  • Europäischen Eignungsprüfung, focussing®-bootcamp (
  • JDD Consultants I.P. Courses (
  • VIPS/VESPA–Prüfungstraining (
  • VPP E-prep (


  • PCT Resources (
  • PCT Newsletter (
  • PCT Distance Learning Course: Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • (
  • Assistance to EQE Candidates – Special Edition of PCT
  • Applicant’s Guide (updated yearly) (


  • EQE Tools (
  • EQE Forum of the EPO (
  • European Patent Case Law (
  • Blogs for all EQE Papers ( (DeltaPatents)
  • Salted Patent ( (DeltaPatents)